Summer Horticulture Care

As summer blissfully approaches its imperative we get our gardens looking outstanding, first rate and most importantly beautiful; as this is the time of year we tend to spend much of our time in our garden. These 5 tips will help all gardeners, from novices to seasoned experts. Some of the tips listed can be carried out on a day-to-day basis i.e. watering or dead heading and others can be performed weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.


1) Window boxes and Hanging Baskets – Elevating your plants not only helps expand your garden, it also makes a great decorative addition to your outdoor space.  Placing plants and fruits in boxes and baskets  help protect your plants from the ever present problem of pests.


2) Dead heading – Get rid of any flowers heads that have died throughout the year; instead of throwing the dead heads in the bin you could combine them with plant compost. Most importantly it is essential to do so throughout spring, to encourage flowers to re-grow and bloom for summer time.


3) Pest Control – Keeping pests away from your beloved garden plants can be very tedious and time consuming, especially during the summertime when the majority of pests are at their more active. You could opt for the Organic Pest Control option which can include; Spray protection and hand picking or Non Organic Pest Control which would include insecticides and herbicides.


4) Watering – Keeping your plants watered and nourished is very important especially during the summer months. It is suggested to water plants daily, but the simple rule is the bigger the plant the more water required? to keep it growing healthy.


5) Pruning – Get rid of any dead leaves or branches in order to encourage healthy growth. Make sure that your pruning shears or cutting equipment is sharp, so that the plants are not damaged.

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