Making The Right Wooden Garden Shed Selection

A wooden garden shed is normally used as a storage space for gardening accessories, but it can also be an area of relaxation or a substitute play area for the kids. If you propose to use a garden shed for many different functions, it is advisable that you purchase a shed that’s durable and aesthetically pleasing. The wisest course of action would be to go for a wooden garden shed.

Timber garden sheds usually are costlier than sheds that are constructed with other materials. In contrast to metal or vinyl garden sheds, which can be artificial looking, a wooden garden shed will fit well with the garden environment, and it gives your home a more timeless appearance. It also provides a comfy environment that’s ideal for relaxation. Timber is renowned for its incredible insulating qualities so your shed can be a safe location to keep items that are somewhat temperature sensitive.

There is a wide selection of designs and sizes of wooden garden sheds for you to pick from. Depending on the size of your garden, you can select a compact wooden shed with just a few windows and a door, or you can purchase one that has separate interior areas. If you are intending to use the shed as a storage place as well as a hobby area or place of relaxation, you should get a shed that has more than one interior area. When selecting your garden shed do ensure that you choose a model that is not only large enough to store your current gardening gear but also any additional tools you maybe planning to buy sometime soon. For instance, if you’re planning to replace your current mower with a more substantial model, the shed ought to be large enough to store the new mower. If you have fairly high storage requirements, do make sure that you purchase a high sided shed with a pitched roof which will allow you to construct many internal shelves.

Before buying your wooden garden shed it is important to consider the sort of floor that would be the most suitable for your needs. The large majority of timber garden sheds come with an integrated wooden floor; however, if you are intending to store a series of very heavy items it would be prudent to pick a shed with a floorless design which can be assembled on top of a pre-prepared concrete base. Even though a concrete base offers more stability, it’s not movable. A shed with an integrated floor can be moved to any part of the garden, but make sure that the shed is made of lightweight wood if you plan to move it around from time to time.

Timber garden sheds come in four basic designs, and these include apex, corner, transverse, and pent. However, if you desire a totally unique shed for your garden there are a number of companies that will design a bespoke model to suit your requirements. Of the four standard shed types it is the apex design that is the most popular and typically consists of a triangular pitched roof, a door and a couple of windows. On the other hand, a corner shed is installed at the corner of the garden, and it is usually a five-sided structure with two sides attached to walls. A transverse shed is a wide version of an apex shed, while the pent shed has an inclined roof.

There are other considerations that you have to make when choosing a timber garden shed, and these include the size of the door for moving tools in and out of the shed, security, ventilation, and other things. You can consult a garden shed specialist to find out which type of timber garden shed is most suitable for your home.

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