How To Grow A Big Tomato

 Growing Tomato Plants


History ofTomato Plantes

Yep, it is getting close to spring, and time to start thinking about tha t veggie garden you will want to grow. One of the most popular items grown in gardens is tomatoes! Here I will present a short history on the tomato and how I grow them for more tomatoes per plant and fitter plants.

Tomatoes come from western South America and Central America. The native people used them in their foods. But when Cortez first took the plant back to Europe it was considered poisonous and not eaten but used as decorations. The plant was classified as a member of the nightshade family and because of that they were thought to be poisonous. The leaves of the tomato plant are poisonous but not the fruit.

Eventually, the fruit of the tomato plant was determined to be eatable and the rest is history. The spread of tomatoes around the world can be principally attributed to the Spanish. They took the plant to Europe, the Philippines, and then the eventually the rest of Asia. In fact the largest producer of tomatoes now is China.

Growing Tomato Plants

There is an art to growing tomato plants that are healthy, tasty, and produces a lot of fruit . I have grown tomato plants from seed, when I lived in Alaska, but prefer to buy them from garden centers. Purchase them when they are at least 6 inches or more in height.

I then remove the leaves, except for the last three or four at the top . I then prepare a trench in my garden and lay the tomato plant down in the trench. I cover the plant but leaving the leaves of the tomato plant exposed to the atmosphere. What this does is it allows the plant to develop more roots making your plant healthier, and produces more fruit.

Remember, that as the plant grows to remove the leaf that is next to the stem and an outer leaf. This prevents unnecessary stem growth that does not produce fruit.  Other than that water, fertilize and watch your tomato plants grow





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